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Larah’s influences are from Montreal (Canada) and Rabat (Morocco), cities where  Rabea the founder was born and where she lives the most.

“Rabat inspires me by the richness of its heritage and Montreal by the aesthetic purity and simplicity … All my creations are a nod to my cultures and to universality”

The old Medina of Rabat has a special place for Rabea, the founder of Larah Collections. It is the capital of multiskilled artisans especially in leather work.

Her father used to spend his after–school time in the family workshop, learning and passing on.

In 2016, she opened her first leather workshop in Casablanca. Rabea supervises the making of the bags. They are handembroidered by skilled artisans, using ancestral leather embroidery techniques.

Each bag takes several steps of preparation to be ready for embroidery, and then the whole process of bag mounting begins.

Embroidery and weaving

Women are the main contributors to these rare and exceptional embroideries from high atlas mountains.

The embroidery on leather is a multi-process work and it used to be prepared by intermediaries , which reduces women income at the end of the circuitry.

We are proud to have installed a system where artisan women are fully paid  for their work without any intermediary.

Zero waste!

In 2020, Larah became a zero waste worshop! All unused leather is woven and upcycled as a leather and cotton fabric for our special limited collections.

The process

Let’s take a look at the making process of a Larah bag: In the picture, the Sandra mini bag : A metal stamps  with the desired pattern is confectioned , then the leather is stamped,  thread is woven and  the technique of embroidery begins. The fabrication process starts, and the recycling of the wasted leather too.

Sustainability and ecology.

Everybody knows the astronomical quantity of glue used in the leather  making industry. We, as a small leather shop are one of the rarest worlkshops that uses ecological glue. It prevent our workers from inhaling toxical components and the atmosphere pollution.

Our artisans health is highly important for us, the planet where we all live is  our main precoccupation.  We can choose to save the planet with a consciensous purchase. Sustainability is about everydays choice.

Our customers are concerned by the tracability of the leather we use and how it is being used. The leather comes from small tanneries of Fez and Casablanca. Morocco is very well known for its ethical slaughter of animals. All skins of animals in the tanneries were intended for consumption.

Sustainability and ecology.

Larah is first of all a high quality bag. It is an investment in a product that will last beatifully and save the environnement.

How does it save the environnement ? Each bag is made in a long and in multi steps process, which could take from 8 to 22 hours.

All the making process is done in our workshop. We master all steps of fabrication to guarantee the best quality for our clients. We want a bag that can last for a lifetime, it avoids buying several bags with lower quality and the environnemental consequences we know.

Also, being a green business, Larah upcycles all the leather waste in new luxurious bags. Our mission is to have you experience a high quality product and to protect the planet at the same time.

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